Fixing the iDrive controller on a 2007 BMW X5

I started having a problem with the push function on the push/rotary selector on my 2007 BMW X5 E70 series. Seemed like a software bug because it was doing strange stuff. After hours of searching the web I found a guy who had taken his apart and cleaned the sensor and claimed that fixed the issue. Knowing a bit about electronics 🙂 I found those results to be questionable unless there was grease or something in the optical sensor for the push-button. I didn’t find that. There was, however, a 4-pin connector that uses friction fit (square peg in a round hole) type manufacturing. I’ve seen these before on back-planes of telecom equipment and know that they can go bad. Especially in environments where there is vibration, extreme hot and cold (hmm…Alaska can get pretty dang cold). So I took to soldering these 4 pins and reinstalling.

BMW X5 iDrive Controller Fix

So the 4 little pins got soldered to the main board and reinstalled in the car. Functional test? WORKS! Happy camper. Saved $300.00