Fixing the iDrive controller on a 2007 BMW X5

I started having a problem with the push function on the push/rotary selector on my 2007 BMW X5 E70 series. Seemed like a software bug because it was doing strange stuff. After hours of searching the web I found a guy who had taken his apart and cleaned the sensor and claimed that fixed the issue. Knowing a bit about electronics 🙂 I found those results to be questionable unless there was grease or something in the optical sensor for the push-button. I didn’t find that. There was, however, a 4-pin connector that uses friction fit (square peg in a round hole) type manufacturing. I’ve seen these before on back-planes of telecom equipment and know that they can go bad. Especially in environments where there is vibration, extreme hot and cold (hmm…Alaska can get pretty dang cold). So I took to soldering these 4 pins and reinstalling.

BMW X5 iDrive Controller Fix
So the 4 little pins got soldered to the main board and reinstalled in the car. Functional test? WORKS! Happy camper. Saved $300.00

Does the US really want us?

Today…after finishing my taxes I told myself…”it doesn’t appear that this country really wants me to stay”.
For the first time in my life I actually wrote a letter to the White-house.
Over the next few months I’m going to set out on a mission to document the “real” tax rate for our family.
This will include all those hidden taxes like Healthcare (remember the supreme court ruled the mandate survives as a tax..just try not having healthcare), property tax, energy taxes, telecom taxes, any mandatory insurance premiums and so on.
I predict that it’s going to look more like Canada or parts of Europe than we think.

March 21st. Back from California

It’s official. You can take California (or at least all things San Francisco and south) and add it to my list of the worst possible places to go or live. For the life of my I can’t understand why anyone would put up with the traffic. If you were to just find a way to get half of the people off the roads half the time you could add millions of man-hours to the labor pool. They complain about the environment yet 90% of them seem to be driving somewhere (by themselves) to do something that for the life of me I can’t quite figure out. I’m sure there are nice places in CA…but the large cities and connecting roads are NOT any of them. Ugg….

December 28th

Got DNS resolution for fixed with a little help.  For those of you who just have to waste time putting in those three little “w’s” you are all set now.

Got the scrolling parallax images working.  This is a pretty cool feature of the “twenty seventeen” theme.

Time to start working on content, cleanup, keywords and such….

December 27th

New host server installed,  Intel NUC PC.  All server instances are virtualized.  Mail is up and now I’m working on the web server. (which this is running on….so things might be going ok) 🙂