Getting back into Frontpage as a medium for sharing information with family and friends.  Look for more on these pages real soon.  🙂

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About these pictures

As you scroll through the pages – the photographs you are seeing are from our trip to Ireland.  Just the wife and I without the kids.  20th year anniversary trip.  I would go back in a heartbeat.  Nicest people I have ever encountered….


December 28th

Got DNS resolution for www.fitzpatricks.us fixed with a little help.  For those of you who just have to waste time putting in those three little “w’s” you are all set now. Got the scrolling parallax images working.  This is a pretty cool feature of the “twenty seventeen” theme. Time to start working on content, cleanup, …

December 27th

New host server installed,  Intel NUC PC.  All server instances are virtualized.  Mail is up and now I’m working on the web server. (which this is running on….so things might be going ok) 🙂


Shawn Fitzpatrick, 27 years in the telecom industry and starting to branch out on my own.


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